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Anyone Figured Out What Causes A HS Flare Up?
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

I've had two abcess draining for going on 7 months and thought it was finally done but today it's come back with a vengeance. Can't figure out what's caused it. Antibiotics appear to do nothing.

posted November 20
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A myHSteam Member

HS is an auto inflammatory disease. Anything that causes the inflammation to rise in your body can create a flare. The best way to manage aside from meds and procedures is to live an anti inflammatory lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding too much stress. Easier said than done of course! Hope you start feeling better soon!

posted November 20
A myHSteam Member

An HS flare-up can happen when you are stressed out cause usually when people stress out a lot it can cause a lot of sweating in the body and can cause lumps & bumps to form which will cause drainage and leakage and that creates a bad odor cause of the bacteria that's in the abscesses! But always make sure to check your abscesses so they don't get infected during an HS flare-up! Hope this helps!

posted November 20

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