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Does Anyone Take Spironolactone? And Is It Helping?
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

Started at 50 mg of spironolactone about 6 month those 6 months I've been bumped up twice to. I have been at 150mg for almost 3 months now and haven't seen even the slightest change except having to pee every 5 minutes lol

posted February 12
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A myHSteam Member

I take it every morning. But I’m only on 25mg. Like you, it hasn’t done much except frequent bathroom trips. I thought it was helping and then a monster showed up a couple days ago on the side of my left breast. I don’t know. I’ll keep trying. Gotta do something.

posted February 14
A myHSteam Member

Yes I do take spironolactone, I notice I tend to have less flare ups, and it prevents more lesions from appearing. But if i miss any doses of the medication, then the lesions reappear again.

posted February 12

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