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What Can Make U Feel Better When A Flare Up Coming On
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

Can u pass HS to your children. I been feeling guilty because my oldest develop HS more serious than me I really feel I pass it to 2 of my daughters

posted November 18
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A myHSteam Member

Actually it will come from the father if it comes from the genetic code in Dad's something in their jeans they're most of the time carriers of it and their kids will end up with it that's how I got mine I'm the only one out of seven kids that my dad has with it they're all half brothers and sisters to me

posted November 19
A myHSteam Member

yes HS is genetic unfortunately. i like to take bathes with some bath salts and just try to relax. lately my husband has been my rock and will to fight through the pain because some of my flare-ups lately have been so bad and so debilitating that i can't walk or get up or sit. thank heavens i don't work at the moment because i don't know how i would handle them if i did.

posted November 18

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