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Vaping & Smoking With HS
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

hey, i was just diagnosed w HS & i have absolutely no problem changing my diet but my issue is vaping & smoking. i just want to know if switching to a non nicotine vape or cbd vape as i've heard cbd helps inflammation would make a difference. also, does anyone know if THC make HS worse? thank you sm in advanced.

posted December 10, 2022
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A myHSteam Member

I vape and smoke weed ugly I don't know why but I stopped smoking cigarettes like 2 years ago I have noticed a difference in my skin I'm not saying it's any better or any worse they have noticed it is better than smoking cigarettes itself the cigarettes have so many other additive stuff I think I heard one time they had like urine in there for taste so but when it comes to weed I'm too much of a pothead to know LOL but they have a lot of additives and hurt so when I was doing and it seemed to help a lot better too was if you can find someone who you can sell it to you grown completely no chemicals so the chemicals do do stuff to us

posted 4 days ago
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