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Has Anyone Tried Medical Marijuana As Part Of A Treatment Plan?
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

My worst triggers are meat/dairy and stress mixed with heat/humidity. I have anxiety and depression which I have medical marijuana to help with, it's VASTLY reduced my outbreaks, even when I don't eat the way I'm supposed to.

posted September 2, 2020
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A myHSteam Member

I've been using cbd oil and gummies, it helps with pain haven't gotten a serious out break besides my spine one. Meat and dairy trigger mine a lot too I've "disciplined myself about cheese its my nemesis. Also I've cut out pork 16 yers ago that really triggers flare up bad for me.

posted September 3, 2020
A myHSteam Member

Where it is grown is important. Marijuana plants clean the soil of toxins, old pesticides etc. The plant uptakes the toxins. They considered growing it to clean up toxins in agriculture areas. Rice does that too. Rice takes up arsenic in the bran. But if marijuana sucks up lots of stuff out of the soil it seems it would suck up a lot of healthy minerals and nutrients as well. Guess just have to watch where it is planted. Mankind needs to catch up to the science and create a better planet instead of exploitation. There is so much knowledge not being used for betterment. Wish there was a way for mankind to not think of everything in terms of money profits. I don’t like what smoking does to the lungs either. They just need to make a marijuana derm patch. 🤣

posted January 27
A myHSteam Member

Lots of growers here in Canada

posted January 26
A myHSteam Member

Yes I do but the only thing is I don't like the medical marijuana I think they have processed it too much that it actually doesn't do what it's supposed to do anymore I'm finding that the medical is actually giving me more anxiety and manic episodes but I do recommend highly recommend like it's my favorite part of marijuana is TAC and you want the to be higher than the THC body high of the marijuana


posted January 26 (edited)
A myHSteam Member

Unsterbliche, I wonder if it is the excess saturated fat in the meat. I’ve cut back on red meats because Dr. Oz exposed a natural component in beef that ups diabetes risk. But I only eat 90% lean meat and grass fed when I can get it reasonable at Walmart. Yesterday I made some killer hamburgers by buying a chuck roast and cutting all the big veins of fat and gristle out of it and ground it myself in a food processor. I put some smoked hickory salt and garlic salt, black pepper, and it was killer diller. I cut it up before grinding with heavy duty kitchen scissors as that was easier. It was pretty lean when I cooked it up even though chuck still has some marbling. But the marbling made it tender and that cooked out mostly. The chuck was almost same price as ground chuck at the store but I could tell they had cut it with a lot of fat as it was too pale. Most of the time I trim all fat off chicken and use in recipes. If it is dry chicken breast I add a teaspoon or two olive oil and olive oil doesn’t hurt me. But meat doesn’t bother me like cheese does. Animal fat of any kind keeps my blood sugar up and takes it longer to come down. I also stick to 3 to 4 ounce servings of meat at a meal and only eat red meat maybe once a week. Most of the time I eat chicken. I’ve even learned to doctor chicken up to taste like ground beef in some recipes but that only works for Mexican dishes. Some beef bullion cubes make it taste like beef and a very small amount (3rd of a teaspoon maybe to a pound of meat) of Hershey cocoa makes it dark and adds a mellow taste which they add in Southwest cooking. But that only works with lots of other spices like chili powder and stuff. I tried the same idea in goulash with ground chicken breast and it wasn’t good. I use to count my fats, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals when I’m dieting. Many people eat waaaay too much meat. Processed meat with chemicals bothers me. I go to extremes to avoid excess saturated fat. If don’t have a food precession a nutribullet will grind small amounts at a time.

posted January 7

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