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Anybody Else Not Overweight?
A myHSteam Member asked a question 💭

I was diagnosed with a severe case of HS last week. I’m on oral doxycycline, topical clindamycin, and an acne wash. However I’m not and never have been a smoker or overweight. I’ve actually spent most of my adult years underweight from an eating disorder. I’m doing better now with the ED as I’ve just had a baby in September. I’m wondeting if the HS onset could be caused by hormonal birth control. I have the kyleena IUD

posted February 26, 2020
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A myHSteam Member

Hormone imbalance is a known cause for some. Men and women have both male and female hormones. It isn’t estrogen or progesterone that causes it. It is androgens. My husband is on android and testosterone suppression medicine for cancer. But estrogen and progesterone controls androgen. Hormones control everything in the human body not just making babies and they work in synergy. Many different hormones control androgens even my thyroid medicine is involved in it. An imbalance causes many different types of diseases. In my husband’s case cancer cells use androgen and testosterone to manufacture cancer cells like a little factory. In HS excess androgens in some people can cause the HS. But different people have different root problems for their HS such as diabetes, or lupus. Excess blood sugar raises androgens. HS causes inflammation in hair follicles whenever a follicle gets blocked with secretions from hair follicle gland and the body overreacts to that inflammation by sending cells in the blood to fight it which makes pus and more inflammation. So if a person changes their hormones but had diabetes it isn’t likely to help. Or if a diabetic starts taking metforamin but has a real bad hormone imbalance also it still may not help. It has to be a process of evaluating each individual and ruling out different things through blood tests and such. There are articles on this website i think on some of these things.

posted November 7, 2022
A myHSteam Member

Hormones can be the cause of it

posted May 11, 2020
A myHSteam Member

Yes it can my period triggers my HS every month

posted April 17, 2020
A myHSteam Member

I got put on birth control a few months ago for having horrible periods... I have how ever noticed that the birth control that I was put on has actually helped with my hs severely I have not had any flair ups really since being on it and the leakage has almost stopped thought it was just me at first lol

posted March 10, 2020
A myHSteam Member

I also you Hibiclense. You can get it at Walmart. If you can't find it ask at the pharmacy. I have been on doxcycline for a year and clindamyacine.

posted March 2, 2020

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